This site, I agree, is out of date, like me, it is in a state of transition, while I move from being a fully commercial photographer, to being a stand alone photographer artist. Bare with me. I no longer work in live music, theatre, opera etc, for which it seems, I am known. I am building a new career as a solitary, creative photographer working in vintage film, large format film, expired polaroid film and any format that does not require a digital connection. I will, one day, sort it all out and relaunch myslef, but, until then.........

My photographic career started in printing, working for Kodak, ColourCare and Gretag, before running my own film and print lab franchise on the South Coast. I am now, primarily a Fine Art, Editorial Portrait, Theatre Production and Artist Book photographer. 

Working mainly with clients based in the visual arts, I have more than 20 years of experience working with Theatres, Galleries, Artists, Directors and Performers. Working with some of Londons foremost Art Galleries, including The Alan Cristea Gallery and The Fine Art Society, with images used in recent books and catalogues for Sir Howard Hodgkin, Ian McKeever, Gillian Ayers, Steve Goddard, Sir Michael Craig-Martin, Lisa Milroy and Keith Coventry.

I continue to work on personal projects using expired Polaroid material, with images exhibited in the show 'Encomium' at The Fine Art Society, New Bond Street, London. My Venice Polaroids, first shown at The Chelsea Arts Club London, have been exhibited at Pelham House Lewes, and are part of the permanent art collection at Quo Vadis on Dean Street, Soho, London. My New York Polaroids are scheduled to be shown at The Chelsea Arts Club, Gramercy, New York in the near future. Current projects, including my Polaroid project 'A Different Pallette - Charleston Polaroids' shown at The Chelsea Arts Club, and in my own gallery 'Little' in Lewes,which  can be seen in the Polaroid section of this site.

My latest project - 'Secure the shadow - Venice Night' , (Image above) another expired Poalroid project, is complete and available for viewing at my gallery space in Lewes. 

My previous project 'Looking for light - The road to Vallombrosa", an expired Polaroid project, documenting my 4 month isolation in the wooded mountains above Florence, Italy, might be available for viewing soon, but don't hold your breath, I stopped rushing into things a year ago..........

I also did a bit of food photography.............But not weddings, ever, please dont ask me.